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Development update

If you were wondering what is coming for Envtex, Envshade and Envsound, this post is for you !


For a few months we have been working on improving the PBR rendering in P3Dv4, we know that many of you are still using this simulator and we have never been totally satisfied with how the PBR was looking during dawn, dusk and night time in this simulator.

Of course, we did not forget P3Dv5 users, this simulator is part of the close and less close future of flight simulation and we will be bringing several improvement for this sim as well. This includes better terrain lighting, especially at night and different fixes. PBR improvements will also come to P3Dv5 in the following update but it's just not ready yet as P3Dv4 and v5 PBR are quite different.

During these last weeks and months of development we have been able to greatly improve PBR and bring an additional realism feeling by preventing oversaturation of metallic parts or black metallic parts at night. But that's not all, these effects will now react in real-time depending on daytime, sun and moon position and also weather !

We have also added a feature that allows a better lighting system depending on weather, the sun will not bleed anymore through a thick fog layer and the contrast between shadows and lighted parts of any objects will be reduced at any time to provide a more realistic feeling in foggy conditions.


Envtex will also receive a new update in the next few weeks, coming with new sun textures and effects but also some correction that will allow Envdir to better handle cross-compatibility with 3rd party programs like ASCA that now works slightly differently (You should not be getting any severe issue by using the current version of Envtex with ASCA but Envtex clouds may not correctly be displayed with ASCA cloud models).


We are working on a quite huge update for Envsound for several months already but it is not ready yet. However you can be sure this one will add new sounds and will bring even more variety and a better sound logic.


Keep an eye open on this blog, the next update is not far from here ;) Happy flights !

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I am looking forward to, "This includes better terrain lighting, especially at night and different fixes.". Can you comment on if you are close on this to release? Thank you

May 04, 2021
Replying to

Hi, this update was released a few weeks ago already, you can update it using Envupdater


Mar 12, 2021

The fix that prevents the sun from bleeding through fog is a game changer. I can't wait for the updates!


Looking good 👍 can't wait to test it with my MSI 6900 XT graphics card. If you want someone to test it. Just let me know. I use P3Dv5.1hf2.

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