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The ultimate extension for your Envproducts - Control visuals like never before

ENVPLUS is our new extension for your environment products for Prepar3D. Envplus pushes the customization to the next level. Not only it brings in depth customization for Envshade shaders, but it also allows Enhanced Atmospherics configuration. In just a few clicks, you will get a new layer of immersion added to your flight simulation experience.

Full customization or click & forget

The choice is yours ! ENVPLUS brings new features to ENVSHADE and keeps the click & forget philosophy, but now you can also completely control your simulator visuals like you never did before without any pre-configured limit :


Make your simulator YOURS thanks to tens of new customization settings available to control shaders and configuration files. Change your sky saturation, sky brightness, cloud saturation and brigtness, the tint of your simulator, your water color, waves size, reflection level, haze quantity and distance, and much much more... for each time of day for both legacy mode and Enhanced atmospherics !

Ready for the future

Not only Envplus offers a huge variety of customization options but it also enhances P3D v5 True Sky out of the box. Not satisfied with the base enhancements ? No problem: you can customize True Sky as well ! From Sky colours to cloud brightness, Enhanced atmospherics will now be how you always wanted it to be !

Performance is key

It is always great being able to customize everything, but would it be useful if it killed your performance? Not only ENVPLUS keeps performance in mind, but it also slightly increases your Enhanced atmospherics performances and reduces your VRAM usage.

User friendly interface

ENVPLUS is fully integrated with our well known Envdir user interface for a better ease of use in all situations. Enable the plus mode and choose to customize everything to your own taste: change a shader value, reload the shaders and enjoy your modifications without rebooting your simulator !

Features list

Important note: ENVPLUS is an extension for existing ENVproducts.

Envplus requires Envshade and/or Envtex to be installed and activated.
As most of the features are shader based, we highly advise to own/purchase Envshade to enjoy Envplus at its full potential

 - Supported simulators

  • Prepar3D v5.3 and above

  • Prepar3D v4.5 HF3 (Unconfirmed | Post-release)

 - Friendly user interface

  • Full integration in the new common user interface for a quick access to all your TOGA products​

 - Envtex Plus

  • Ability to manually change sun and moon size​

  • Customizable precipitation effects (Post-release)

 - Envshade Plus

  • New exclusive shader tweaks for Enhanced Atmospherics, click & forget or fully customizable:

    • Enhanced Sky colour and saturation​

    • Enhanced Legacy clouds colour and brightness in Enhanced Atmospherics mode

    • Enhanced Volumetric clouds brightness, colour, saturation and performance

    • Enhanced Haze rendering

  • Fully customizable for Legacy mode and Enhanced atmospherics shaders values including:
    • Atmosphere scattering tint

    • Atmosphere scattering strength

    • Sky Saturation

    • Sky Tint Daytime

    • Sky Tint Twilight

    • Vertical visibility

    • Cloud brightness Daytime

    • Cloud brightness Nighttime

    • Cloud shadows depth

    • Cloud fog blending

    • Cirrus brightness Daytime

    • Cirrus brightness Nighttime

    • HDR contrast

    • Terrain saturation

    • Terrain reflectivity

    • Water saturation

    • Water reflectivity

    • Waves scaling

    • PBR reflectivity

    • Scenery PBR brightness

    • Aircraft PBR shadows depth

    • Road lights saturation

    • Road lights intensity

  • Uncustomizable tweaks:

    • Dynamic Directional lighting logic depending on time of day

    • Dynamic Fog tint and brightness depending on time of day, relative view position and customization setting

    • Dynamic Legacy clouds blending with Enhanced atmospheric shaders depending on time of day and weather

    • Dynamic Volumetric clouds brightness, colours and saturation depending on time of day, relative view position and customization setting

    • Dynamic Cloud shadows depending on time of day, altitude and customization setting

    • Automatic HDR tint depending on activated graphic mode (EA or Legacy) and customization setting

    • Dynamic atmosphere scattering scaling depending on time of day and customization setting

    • Dynamic water saturation scaling depending on weather and customization setting

    • Dynamic shadowing for more realistic weather conditions (Sun light do not bleed anymore in deep fog)

 - Envsound Plus

  • Ability to add sounds to custom locations (Unconfirmed | Post-release)

 - Config Plus

  • Enhanced Atmospherics clouds config file enhanced

  • Editable EA clouds configuration (Post-release)

  • Editable P3D configuration file important lines and tweaks (Post-release)

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