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The ultimate sound enhancement for Prepar3D

ENVSOUND is a new sound enhancement for Prepar3D and Flight Simulator X. It will bring a new chapter of immersion to your simulator by replacing the lackluster default sounds with a high quality and ultra realistic environmental soundtrack. In just a few clicks, you will get a new layer of immersion added to your flight simulation experience.

* Some sound have been voluntarily muted for demonstration purpose

Worldwide coverage

Envsound has a worldwide coverage out of the box, all of the included features were carefully hand-placed all over the world with approximately 80 000 locations on release with an increasing coverage over time as it gets updated.


A particular attention has been given to airports where 3rd party sceneries exist. While the current coverage is already extremely substantial, monthly updates will be released in order to increase the coverage of each feature.

Details are everything

Unlike many other location based add-ons, we spent a lot of time adjusting the volume of each single sound file to a realistic level so you cannot hear birds or other environment sounds you should not hear with engines running, for example.

It's too low or still too high? No problem, the user interface allows you to control the volume independently for each feature.

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Incredible immersion
Full compatibility

ENVSOUND is optimized to be used in combination with Envtex, Envshade, Orbx and any third party sceneries without the need to get one of them: It's up to you. Some other popular sound add-ons like A2A accu-feel are also fully compatible.

Just like with any of our product performance has been kept in mind. That is why we’ve designed ENVSOUND so that it has absolutely no impact on your performance. What’s more, highly optimized sound files promise unaltered loading times.

And the best of all: it is fully integrated into the Envdir user interface for a user-friendly experience.

Easy customization

Envsound also offers you the possibility to enable or disable any sound feature to better fit your tastes. Volume control is also provided from Envdir for each of the available features.

Community based

Like any of our other products, your feedbacks are welcome, more sound variants and features are already in the work but any request will be attentively considered.

Envsound will evolve and be improved as much as possible to reach all of your expectations.

• 6 supported simulators

 - Prepar3D v5

 - Prepar3D v4

 - Prepar3D v3

 - Prepar3D v2 (Rain and thunderstorm only)

 - Flight Simulator X : Steam Edition (Rain and thunderstorm only)

 - Flight Simulator X (Rain and thunderstorm only)


• Friendly user interface

 - Full integration in the new Envdir user interface for a quick access to all your TOGA products


• Enhanced default sounds

 - New high quality precipitation sounds

 - New high quality thunderstorm sounds


• Coastal Ambiance (P3D v3, v4 & v5 only)

 - Ocean wave sounds

 - Lake wave sounds

 - Randomly generated seabirds sounds effects on coasts


• Wind Ambiance (P3D v3, v4 & v5 only)

 - Randomly generated wind ambiance effects


• Glaciers Ambiance (P3D v3, v4 & v5 only)

 - Randomly generated glaciers creaking sounds effects


• Ports Ambiance (P3D v3, v4 & v5 only)

 - Randomly generated seaport ambiance effects

 - Randomly generated marinas ambiance effects


• Animals Ambiance (P3D v3, v4 & v5 only)

 - Randomly generated birds ambiance


• Cities Ambiance (P3D v3, v4 & v5 only)

 - Randomly generated cities ambiance depending on city size


• Compatibility

 - Fully compatible with Envtex and Envshade

 - Fully compatible with all orbx products

 - Fully compatible with any 3rd party scenery


• Features still under in development (By order of priority)

 - Increased coverage (continuous development with 1 update per month)

 - Effects variants depending on seasons

 - Insect, wolves, bears, dogs sounds effects for more immersive bush flying

 - Randomly generated airports ambiance depending on airport size

 - Rivers sounds effects for more immersive bush flying

Complete features list
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