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The ultimate visual enhancement for Prepar3D and Envtex

ENVSHADE is a new exclusive shaders enhancement for ENVTEX and Prepar3D. It pushes the realism of your simulator even further with highly realistic shaders reacting to many environment variables like weather, time of day, altitude... etc

Why Choosing Envshade
Why choosing Envshade ?

Tired to tweak your shaders with the existing tools ? The presets you found doesn't fit well Envtex textures and features ? ENVSHADE has been made for you ! 

Envshade will allow you to enhance the visuals of your simulator in just a few clicks.

Is it customizable? No, but Why ?

Simply because we want you to enjoy your simulator, not to work on it instead of us ! We worked for you to recreate the most natural environment as possible within the simulator limits without adding un-natural colors or overtweaking the shaders.

Round the clock realism

Forget about seeing vibrant blue water in bad weather, feel the power of the lights at night just like when your eyes are used to darkness for a few hours, forget about the bright nights when the moon is not there, enjoy watching all the New York City lights when passing over at FL410, take care about the atmosphere moisture during VFR flights... You already understood: Envshade will transform your flights in a living environment where colors are never the same twice.

Not only Envshade has been made as dynamic as possible, but the realism has been checked to any time of the day, assuring a complete and optimal visual realism at any time with highly smooth transitions.

Perfect integration

Envshade is optimized to be used in combination with Envtex and just like with any of our product performance has been kept in mind, that is why it doesn't hit your fps, and the best of all: it is fully integrated into the new Envtex user interface for a user friendly experience.

Low price
High quality

Our pricing philosophy is very user friendly and remain accessible to everyone. Already got another product ? We appreciate your fidelity and offer you an exclusive price fot our new products !

Support is essential to us

Our support is reactive and makes everything to prevent you from flying in turbulences.

Envshade is another product based on your feedbacks. We want our product to satisfy your expectations as best as simulators allow. 

Meeting issues? We will never let you alone and will make everything to keep your horizon clear.

Buy Envshade
Need more customization?

Envshade has been developped to be optimized out of the box, with a click and forget philosophy. While it allows the customization of the most important settings, some shader tweaks are locked. If you need more customization, we have now developped Envplus, a new Envtex & Envshade extension that will allow you to change everything the way you like!

Complete features list

  • 3 supported simulators

    • Prepar3D v5

    • Prepar3D v4​ (v4.1 and higher)

    • Prepar3D v3 (v3.4 only)

  • Friendly user interface

    • Full integration in the new common user interface for a quick access to all your TOGA products​

  • Atmosphere

    • Dynamic atmosphere scattering​ [Customizable]

    • Low horizon haze effect with thickness and color depending on season [Customizable]

    • Dynamic fog tint and brightness depend on altitude, weather and relative view position

    • Adjustable vertical visibility [Customizable]

  • Sky

    • Saturation depends on altitude and weather [Customizable]

  • Clouds

    • Shadows effectiveness enhanced, colours and saturation depend on time of day and altitude [Customizable]

    • Well balanced colours round the clock

    • Brightness variating with weather, time of day, sun and moonlight [Customizable]

    • Saturation variates with weather and power of sunlight

    • Dynamic directionnal sun and moon lighting corrected for P3Dv4 & v5

  • Water

    • Dynamic saturation and tone depending on weather [Customizable]

    • Reflection variates with altitude

    • View angle darkness depends on altitude and time of day

    • Waves size depends on altitude and weather (for non ultra water settings)

  • Terrain, Scenery & autogen

    • Shadows effectiveness adjusted

    • Saturation depends on weather [Customizable]

    • Brightness variating with sun and moonlight enhanced [Customizable]

    • Dynamic shadowing for more realistic weather conditions (Sun light do not bleed anymore in deep fog)

  • Lights

    • Adjusted night lights brightness

    • Smooth day/night transition

    • Brightness and visibility variate with altitude

  • Aircraft

    • Internal brightness variating with sun and moonlight adjusted​

    • External brightness variating with sun and moonlight adjusted​

    • Dynamic shadowing for more realistic weather conditions (Sun light do not bleed anymore in deep fog)

  • HDR enhancements

    • Eye's adaptation to brightness adjusted​

    • Adaptative Bloom, effectiveness variates with time of day [Customizable]

    • Realistic night brightness with soft day/night transitions [Customizable]

    • Adjusted and adaptative contrast​ depending on visibility [Customizable]

    • Adaptative brightness depending on visibility

    • Automatic HDR tint depending on activated graphic mode (EA or Legacy)

  • 2 performance presets

    • Performance preset for a smooth experience without any impact on fps

    • High quality preset for outstanding screenshots but with a cost on performances

  • Customizable

    • More than 10 customization options to better fit your needs

  • Recommended products for best results

    • Envtex​ for best compatibility and atmosphere rendering

    • Orbx FTX global for best ground rendering

    • Active Sky 4 / Active Sky 2016 and ASCA for realistic weather

Features list
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