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Compatibility updates & more

Hi everyone,

P3D v5.4 released in late May and as promised, we have updated all of our products to work with this new version. Envtex, Envshade and Envplus are now updated and fully work with P3D v5.4. Envsound does not need any update and works out of the box. Not only we have updated these products, but we have also added a bit more: Envshade and Envplus got an enhancement on fog layers for v5.3 and v5.4, and Envtex also got some new lightning effects (included already with the special effects features but they have been enhanced a lot). All updates are available now from the Envupdaters and the patches will be available from SimMarket by tomorrow.

Hope you guys will enjoy !

As you all noticed from what I could read in some comments, we are less responsive for a few months, this is just because we had to focus on other projects during this time, but this does not mean TOGA is dying, if it ever happens, a public announcement would be made, but we are far from being at such a situation:

Again, we are still alive and for a long time !

Thanks for your patience for these updates and see you soon for some other news and updates =)

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5 則留言

HI @MaximeK ,

I know and appreciate that you have just recently updated your products for V5.4.

But, and I reckon you know what's coming........What about V6 ?

I just had to ask. 😀



We don't have any definitive decision for this right now, we will make an announcement when we are ready to tell you guys



Thanks for keeping the product compatible. It makes a difference to P3D5,which is important to me.


Thanks for not forgetting us.


Hi @MaximeK ,

Thanks for the update.

Now to try it out, hope the horizon haze is sorted.


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