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TOGA projects & P3D v5

Lockheed Martin will release Prepar3D v5 today at 20:00 UTC and many simmers like you probably are excited by this announcement, just like we are. We are delighted to officially announce TOGA projects will take part in this new adventure ! So what about our products compatibility?

- Envtex:

Most of the Envtex features will probably be compatible out of the box and a first partial compatibility patch will be released for free very shortly after the release of P3Dv5. Our plan is to update Envtex for a full compatibility with the new PBR possibilities, a patch should be released in the next few days/weeks depending on the potential issues we may meet during testings, this update will also be provided for free. After that, we will take a closer at truesky features to bring brand new features to Envtex and while we will do our best to provide such an update for free, for now we are unsure about the cost of such additions and we may possibly ask a very low upgrade fee for such features.

- Envshade:

Envshade will be totally incompatible with Prepar3D v5 as it is right now, but of course we will update it as soon as possible just like Envtex to support all legacy features of the sim and this will be released as a free update.

After that we will also take a closer look at how Envshade can be adapted to the newly added truesky and this may demands a very low upgrade fee.

- Envsound: On a technical side, Envsound should be compatible with P3D v5 out of the box and only an Envdir update should be needed, such update will be available for free of course. In a nutshell, all legacy features of our product will receive free updates in a short time frame. Then we will be looking at taking the best from the new features of P3D v5 to bring even more realism to your simulator. Depending on the work involved in such potential updates, we may ask a very low upgrade fee for these new features but we are still unsure about that. We will keep you up to date and will definitely ask what you think about our future updates before taking any definitive decision. We also don't recommend to try forcing the installation of any products to P3D v5 before an update is released to prevent any headache or major issue in your new simulator. Waiting for the release, keep an eye on our blog, we will keep you up to date regularly about P3D v5. Stay safe and happy flights !

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