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Prepar3D v5: Envshade preview

Prepar3D v5 is now released for three days and we know you are all eager to use your products on this new version. The good news is while some huge rework is needed, Envshade conversion is progressing well and quickly.

Some tweaks are completely new due to the new PBR features added to the terrain, some others are converted, or even deleted as not needed anymore, but whatever happened to the P3Dv4 shaders tweaks, the final result is getting more realistic than ever !

You can follow this topic on our forum for more details about the development status of each of our products : Keep an eye on our blog as well to stay updated, this should not last long before Envshade is available for your new sim ! Waiting for the release here is a first unedited screenshot

(Note: sorry for the slightly degraded quality of it as it was took as a jpg by mistake instead of the usual png format we are using)

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