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P3D v5 - PMDG liveries

Hi everyone !

Our PMDG liveries have been updated for P3D v5. As PMDG changed their VC textures on P3D v5, we have updated all of our PMDG liveries that were using a custom texture in the cockpit so these are now matching the rest of the cockpit colours.

You can download them in our repaints section

Each livery package that needs a specific P3Dv5 version will include a specific PTP file you can install using the PMDG Ops Center. In that case please use the PTP package named "LiveryName_P3D5".

If you are still using P3Dv4 and lower you can still use the other PTP file which is still included.

See you next week for THE announcement you are waiting for :D

Happy flights !

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