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Happy New Year - Update & Roadmap

First of all, we wish you all a happy new year for 2022 ! We're a bit late, but that's because we wanted to bring a good news with our wishes : what a better way to start 2022 than with a brand new in-depth update for Envshade?

Yes, Envshade has now received a brand new update which is already available from Envdir (and soon as a standalone patch from SimMarket), Envdir also has been updated but the main focus is on Envshade: the P3Dv5.3 version has been pretty much overhauled, correcting existing features, enhancing them or adding new little things that may appear insignificant but which can make a total difference. This patch is obviously more efficient with the legacy mode but also the Enhanced Atmospherics version.

That won't still affect everything (yet) with EA enabled but we'll have some extremely good news in a days time... :D

This update will then be ported to 5.2+ and 4.5HF3.

Detailed changelog:

- P3Dv5.3+ Issue with fog colour transition on P3Dv5.3+ fixed

- P3Dv5.3+ Fog blending with atmosphere scattering enhanced

- P3Dv5.3+ Fog flying in & out transition enhanced

- P3Dv5.3+ Atmosphere scattering colour and strengh adjusted for increased realism

- P3Dv5.3+ Atmosphere scattering slider logic revisited

- P3Dv5.3+ Better water reflections

- P3Dv5.3+ HDR contrast adjusted

- P3Dv5.3+ Legacy mode night lighting enhanced for increased realism

- P3Dv5.3+ Legacy mode HDR colours adjusted

- P3Dv5.3+ Legacy clouds lighting enhanced for Enhanced atmospheric

What about TOGA's 2022 ? This is going to be a busy year for us, major updates for our current products will come within the next months but also... a new product that will soon be announced !

We will continue to support LM's P3D v4.5 as well as P3D v5.2 and above. Other P3D versions won't receive updates anymore (of course our products will still be compatible with older versions, they just won't receive features updates in the future).

Now that you have all the details of what's coming soon, and less soon, we wish you again a wonderful year, many happy flights and enjoy this little teaser !

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