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Happy new year !

What a better way to start the year than with a new Envshade update?

The entire TOGA projects team wishes you a wonderful 2021 year, may we go back to a normal life soon !

We are glad to announce the release of the new Envshade update. This one may look quite small but it's actually more important than it looks.

This new update fixes some issues with AMD drivers for P3Dv5 users, but it also enhances a lot the night terrain lighting for both v4 and v5, it also prepares the product to receive a new customization option soon as Envshade keeps being more and more customizable.

The update is now available through Envupdater and will soon be available as a patch on SimMarket.

We would also like to tell you that we have decided to drop the support for P3Dv4.0 to v4.3 as well as P3Dv5.0.

Envshade will of course still be compatible with these versions but they will not receive future features updates.

The reason behind this decision is that there is more and more P3D versions with time and updates are becoming more and more time consuming on our side. These P3D versions are already outdated and most of you are probably already using more up to date versions instead. They also do not include the latest fixes made by Lockheed martin and Envshade cannot take the best out of your sim on these versions. This is why we always encourage you to update your simulator if you are still using these versions.

Obviously, P3Dv4.5+ and P3Dv5.1+ will keep being feature updated and we also decided to keep supporting v4.4 as quite many of you still seem to use it.

Now that all details are said, don't forget to download the Envshade update to enjoy even more your simulator !


Envshade changelog:

- P3Dv5 HDR issue for AMD GPU owners fixed

- P3Dv5.1 & above red terrain lighting at night fixed

- P3Dv4.4+ & v5 night lighting reworked for more realistic cities

- Updated for future customization options addition

- End of features updates for P3Dv4.0 up to v4.3.

P3Dv4.4 and versions above will be kept updated

- End of features updates for P3Dv5.0.

P3Dv5.1 and versions above will be kept updated

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