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747 liveries update

After a quite intense session of repainting, we have finally released all of our updated PMDG 747 liveries with a full new custom paintkit and PBR layers. You can grab them here:

As we always do, each little detail kept our attention and we have recreated some very precise liveries outside and inside, each cockpit options that were possible to get are included in the repaints configurations. Steve has also added N661US under the latest colours of Northwest airlines when it still had the "Worldwide reliability" (Please see the full repaints list for the 747 below).

What did we do? - Paintkit improvements (missing elements added, shadowing improvements) - Colours improvements - PBR updated and improved - Fully customized dirt for each livery - True to life aircraft configuration

You will also notice that we have improved a lot our liveries page which now allows to display the liveries per airlines and tells a lot more about each repaints like the version, the latest update date and much more. We have also decided to host our liveries ourselves from now for the ease of use and flexibility instead of Avsim. You will probably also see updates coming for our PMDG 737 liveries as we will keep them up to date with the latest PMDG updates to the PBR layers. Finally, I'm glad to announce that tomorrow will be a release day as well, Envshade users, keep an eye here :D

Happy flights !


Full repaints list:

  • Boeing 747-400 - Air France OC F-GEXA

  • Boeing 747-400 - Air France NC F-GITD

  • Boeing 747-400 - Air France NC F-GITI

  • Boeing 747-400 - Air France NC F-GITH

  • Boeing 747-400 - British Airways Asia (Landor) G-BNLZ

  • Boeing 747-400 - British Airways Asia (Landor) G-CIVA

  • Boeing 747-400 - British Airways Asia (Landor) G-CIVE

  • Boeing 747-400 - Corsair (Tui colours) F-GTUI

  • Boeing 747-400 - Corsair (Tui colours & legacy tail) F-GTUI

  • Boeing 747-400 - Northwest NC N663US

  • Boeing 747-400 - Northwest NC "Worldwide reliability" N661US

  • Boeing 747-400M - Air France OC F-GISA

  • Boeing 747-400M - Air France OC F-GEXB

  • Boeing 747-400M - KLM 95 years PH-BFI Boeing 747-400BCF - Air France OC F-GISE

  • Boeing 747-400ERF - Air France OC F-GIUB

  • Boeing 747-400ERF - Air France NC F-GIUA

  • Boeing 747-8i - Lufthansa Retro "Köln" D-ABYT

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