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Envtex - P3Dv5 Expansion

We are glad to announce the release of the Prepar3D v5 Expansion for Envtex !

Not only this new update brings some fixes to known issues with P3D v5 but it also contains brand new PBR textures. These use the new texture technology integrated in the new Lockheed Martin's simulator and this bring a huge improvement on generic textures with a whole new 3D feeling.

While this required an incredible amount of work, we promised you that this update would be free and we wanted to keep our promises, that's why this expansion is available for free to all current Envtex users !

Considering the amount of new data needed for the P3Dv5 version of Envtex and the fact that SimMarket recently changed their update policy (see here:, we have decided to make the P3Dv5 compatibility update a free but optional expansion.

This expansion requires the base installer for FSX/P3D version to be installed first as it contains shared data. However if you do not use P3Dv5, this expansion does not need to be installed, allowing you to save some precious space on your computer. The updater system will automatically detect if you have the expansion installed and will update your product as needed.

This explains why the expansion package is not available through Envupdater and is only available from your SimMarket account.

In order to install this update, please download the expansion ZIP file, unzip it at any location on your computer and run it as an administrator. Don't forget to check the updates for Envdir as well before trying to install the content to your sim.

Happy PBR flights !

Full changelog:

- Prepar3D v5 full compatibility added - New PBR textures for P3Dv5 - Runway markings missing in P3Dv5 issue fixed - Adjusted Sun and moon effects for P3Dv5 - Adjusted Auroras effects for P3Dv5 - P3Dv5 expansion integrated into the Envupdater system

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