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Envshade is now v5 ready !

If you were eager to get enhanced shaders in your new simulator, you'll be as glad as we are to know that Envshade is now compatible with the brand new Prepar3D v5 ! You can now update Envshade and Envdir by clicking the Update button in Envdir, or you can simply download the latest version of Envdir from here and download the Envshade patch from your SimMarket account as soon as it is available there.

Please note that even if this new Envshade version works correctly with the new "Enhanced atmospherics" feature of P3D v5, it is still optimized for the normal version of the weather system as the TrueSky integration of P3D v5 seems to be an early beta version of this exciting feature. We will create an updated version of Envshade that will fully support it in the future, of course we will keep you informed of our plans on this.

As for the other products, both Envtex and Envsound already are partially compatible with P3D v5, we are already working at enhancing both of them with the new v5 capabilities and you can expect a new Envtex update shortly. Happy flights !

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