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Envshade fine tuning is coming

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Click and fly or fine tune : this is now your choice with Envshade SP1 !

Not only we have added numerous customization settings but we have also added some brand new features like the automatic clouds fog blending which automatically corrects the color of the fog depending on your aircraft position, time of day and weather.

SP1 is now on final stages of testing and should be ready before the end of summer, are you ready ?

What's coming:

- Ready to use or customizable features : it's now up to the user to choose

- Shaders optimizations

- Adjusted default value

- Automatic clouds fog blending added

- New HDR contrast method added

- Automatic atmosphere scattering color added

- Customizable HDR contrast

- Customizable night bloom level

- Customizable night darkness

- Customizable clouds brightness during night and day with smooth transition

- Customizable cloud shadows level

- Customizable terrain saturation

- Customizable water saturation

- Customizable atmosphere scattering level

- Customizable fog impact on vertical visibility

- Customizable clouds fog blending level

- Fixed some minor shaders content errors

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