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Envshade released

We promised it last week, here it is !

The new Envshade version is now available through Envupdater and will soon be available as well from SimMarket if you prefer to install the patch manually.

This update is a new major step forward for Envshade, the global lighting has received a huge improvement:

You will not see anymore the sun reflecting on your aircraft, on your favorite airport terminals or on the ground while the visibility is low; the thicker the fog will be the darker your direct environment will be. Shadows will not be as strong as usual either.

As you are climbing, you will feel the sun slowly bleeding through the fog before finally getting above the fog layer.

P3D v5 also received a fix to prevent objects to bleed through clouds and fog and the terrain brightness is now much more realistic (darker) at night with Enhanced atmospherics enabled.

On P3D v4, the metallic parts of your aircraft will not be looking gold anymore at dawn and dusk PBR will now react more realistically to weather conditions and environment colours and bare metal paints will not be looking pitch black anymore at night.

All these "little things" will add an incredible additional immersion feeling and bring once again Envshade to the next level and please be sure it will continue this way !

We hope you will all enjoy this quite ambitious update :) Happy flights !


- Dynamic shadows tweak depending on weather conditions added

- Dynamic reflections tweak depending on weather conditions added

- P3Dv5.1+ Object bleeding through clouds fix added

- P3Dv5.1+ Enhanced terrain brightness at night with Enhanced atmospherics enabled

- P3Dv4.5+ PBR surfaces showing more realistic colors at dawn and dusk

- P3Dv4.5+ PBR surfaces metallic parts displaying black at night fixed

- P3Dv4.5+ PBR surfaces now dynamically react to weather conditions

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Mar 18, 2021



Does this help with PBR aircraft glowing at night in v5 with EA and dynamic reflections on? If so, which settings would tweak that? Thank You.

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