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Envplus - Your customized experience

Envplus is finally on its final development stages and we are delighted to reveal some details on our brand new product for Prepar3D !

Envplus which is to be released in the coming weeks is a new extension for our current products.

What will it do ?

This new product will now allow you to deeply customize your simulator with much more advanced options than what is currently available. You will be able to customize all the shaders values without any pre-configured limit.

This will be the perfect product for any simmer who wants a completely customized experience: from the simulator tint to the clouds saturation without forgetting precipitations, terrain, sun and much much more, Envplus will make your simulator YOURS in every way.

Is that all ?

Definitely not ! Envsplus is also looking at the future: it will bring customized shaders for TrueSky also named "Enhanced Atmospherics" in Prepar3D options. These will be usable out of the box but just like any other shaders you will be able to customize them to your own liking without any limit !

What about the updates ?

Of course Envplus will receive a continuous development, just like all our previous products and a development roadmap is already established, bringing more and more customization features and providing a fully personalized experience over the coming years.

Another product that will cost more than the simulator itself ?

As usual here at TOGA projects, Envplus will keep the same philosophy as our previous products:

Not only you will get quality at low price but our loyal customers will get a discount during the first weeks after the release.

You can learn more on the Envplus webpage which is now live, more details will soon be added so you can keep an eye on it:

Happy flights !

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Is it Envminus now.


Yeah, maybe they somehow went belly up.


So I guess this product is vaporware? Zero news or communications. Your marketing strategy is seriously flawed.


Hi guys. Any news on this product? It has been "soon" and "close" for almost three months and it was said to be released "in the coming weeks" with now 6 weeks without any update or "more details" let alone a release. Is this even still being developed?


Bartosz Bujak
Bartosz Bujak
Mar 03, 2022

When it will be able to buy it?

Best Regards


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