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Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Hello there !

I'm happy to finally come back here with some good news : Envplus is on its very final development stage.

I think we owe you an explanation about why this was delayed that much and why we have been so silent, TOGA projects is not dead and we are still looking into future products.

Envplus was announced at the beginning of this year and was expected to be released a few weeks later, unfortunately we have met several issues during the user interface development due to a major bug in the professional framework we are using to build Envdir's interface, this was totally independent from us and we could only wait for a definitive fix. Using another software was not an option considering the investiment needed.

By this time I also had a very busy and tough year on the personal side, this is purely private and I will not be giving details but this put me away from development and flight simulation during a large part of 2022, this is now behind me and I'm now back in "the game" since the beginning of September.

Now the good thing is that this delay also allowed us to enhance Envplus more than we could expect for the initial release, it does not have more features than expected, but the shaders are much much more fine tuned out of the box, for both Enhanced atmospherics, Volumetric clouds but also Legacy mode.

Something that also need to be talked is how things have changed lately in the simulation market and there is a statement that must be done about it: we will not abandon P3D development and support for existing products. This means Envplus will keep receiving improvements and probably new features over time like we always did with our other products.

That being said, P3D is being left by more and more simmers nowadays and while we decided to keep P3D development active, we must evaluate more carefuly our investments, that's why Envplus will only support P3Dv5 for now, the promised P3Dv4 support may come in 2023 Q1 depending on how much success it will initially meet.

We are now in the very very very late stage of Envplus development that should finally be available for purchase before the end of this year.

Finally, a quick word for users who switched to MSFS: you are probably wondering if we have plans for this one?

The answer is yes, we have plans for MSFS ! But these are in the very early stage and it's far too early to announce anything... for now !

Enjoy these Envplus (& the upcoming Fly 737 MAX8) screenshots and keep an eye on our blog as we are closer than ever from the Envplus release :D

Happy flights !

More about ENVPLUS here

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2 Kommentare

Brian Chell
Brian Chell
10. Dez. 2022

like the new addon but I can not still re install your your ENVTEX keeps getting message saying its old or corrupted install new patch still get the same message, so no until i get a fix for ENVTEX

Gefällt mir
10. Dez. 2022
Antwort an

Thanks Brian, I'm sorry you're having troubles installing ENVTEX, but this message means this is working properly, it's a safety thing we have added to prevent any mess to your sim in case you're not running an up to date version. You have a too old version of this product installed, please uninstall it and reinstall using the latest version in your SimMarket account. Please also delete your old installer files to make sure nothing will conflict.

Gefällt mir
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