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December Hotfixes

Hello there,

After the release of the compatibility patches for P3D v5.3 a few days ago, we have just released another round of new patches for both Envtex and Envshade, mainly focused on P3D v5 fixes.

You can already download them through Envupdater, both patches will be available from SimMarket shortly.

Don't forget to apply the setting again from Envdir by clicking the "Install to sim" button, then enjoy :)

As promised in our previous post, a major announcement is coming, stay tuned !

Changelog Envtex :

- Fixed auroras for P3D v5.3

- Enhanced sun effects for P3D v5.0 and above

Changelog Envshade :

- Fixed horizon haze settings not applying correctly on P3D v5

- Fixed blue lights during daytime on P3D v5.3

- Adjusted simulator tint if Enhanced Atmospherics if off, removing the blueish effect on P3Dv5

- Adjusted aircraft shadowing on P3D v5 including PBR models

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