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Envtex SP1 Open beta released !

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Hello everyone, Hope you are all fine and ready to jump in your cockpit because Envtex SP1 Open beta is finally available exactly 6 months after the initial release! The long wait is now over, if a few small things are still to be completed, you can now enjoy the new features and P3D v4 compatibility. As always, we will be very attentive to your feedback about this new version. Of course we will not integrate anything that would require a huge rework anytime soon, but please feel free to share any of your ideas which could help us to enhance your experience within the UI but also within the simulator. The current version has been deeply tested by the development team but still can have a few minor issues, if you meet one, please don't hesitate to report these to us so we can fix them as quickly as possible. The Open beta UI still needs to get its new "warning" system which is almost done, a nice animated warn will then replace most the popups making the use of the interface even easier. Then we will complete the import/export setting feature that will allow you to share your settings with other users, or just to keep your preferences in a safe place. Once this will be done, FS9 version will be separated from other sims and, as I said earlier, it will be the last FS9 version ever. After that, we will still be working with Hifi on a great integration with AS16 and ASP4 and keep thinking about how to enhance Envtex further. The Open beta is available from your simmarket account. It's a 3,5Gb download with a patch installer, meaning that you must have 1.0.5 installed first. If you are a new customer, please download the main exe file first, then if you want to participate in the open beta, you will need to download the Open beta patch. We also may have another very good news later today, stay tuned! Happy flights !

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