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Envtex SP1 - Getting ready - Changelog & Previews

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

We are finally getting ready to release SP1 after a bit more than 4 development months. It has been a bit longer than expected, but I don't take any risk saying it was worth it. As we know you are all eager to try the new user interface, the new features and especially the official P3D v4 support, we have decided to bring an SP1 open beta first to make things going faster. We still have a few visual things to be completed as well as the import/export settings feature but the app is fully functionnal. Once we will be certain the app is bug free and these features completed, we will release the official update and bring a new complete installer. Also, new simulators are becoming more and more different from their old brothers like FS9, making development harder while the enhancement limits are now reached in this old but gold FS9. Thus, as sad as we are to announce this decision, we felt it's now more than time to stop FS9 development that we were still supporting. SP1 will be our last ever version for this simulator. When SP1 will be fully stable and officially released in its official version, FS9 will be separated from other simulators, it will get its own interface and will be available separately. Technical support for this version will still be assured during the upcoming year. The open beta release is now a matter of hours and you will be able to get the update before the end of this week, waiting for our official announcement, you can check the changes here and take a look on our last previews before enjoying Envtex on your simulator. Don't forget to check the manual too on the Envtex page ! SP1 changelog (might be extended depending on open Beta results): • New User Interface reworked from scratch • Prepar3D v4 is officially supported • Sun and moon settings separated from each other • Ability to change sun and moon size • Aurora setting separated from other special effects • Increased Aurora Borealis and Australis coverage • New Aurora Borealis and Australis variants • New airport, aurora, cirrus, cumulus, grass and lens effect presets • Sky textures variety increased in existing presets • New ASCA sky textures themes added • Performance indicator for each feature and each setting • New customization options available • New saves system • Ability to import and export user settings (still work in progress) • PTA & PTAbsolute integrated • Backup and restore features enhanced • Minor texture and effects corrections • User manual updated

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