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ENVTEX price announcement

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

After several months of full-time development, if not years actually as all the sky texturing begans more than a year ago, and with only with only 2 developers, we are finally approaching the ENVTEX release. I must say that this project has never really been decided, everything started from personal texturing works when we realized that we could have something new to bring to the community. Before going into development we also were only users (but oh yeah we still love to take our Turbine Duke from Realair that we will all really miss, our headset and just enjoy flying!), and when we started to develop ENVTEX, the first thing that came to our minds is the price: simulation costs more and more each year to everyone who is searching the best immersion as possible. The ENVTEX "philosophy" is the result of this: creating an evolutive product with your inputs and expectations to make it as complete as possible at an attractive price. ENTEX will also fully free updates (at least until our sims are using the same files structure) which will not only be simple fixes but features additions and enhancements. We thought that the community finally deserves an environment product that covers many textures and effects without the need to use hundreds of softwares, without the need to choose between too much complicated options. After several weeks of thinking, we decided that ENVTEX will be provided for 21€ +VAT which we consider as reasonable considering all the Envtex release features but also the fact that all future additions for the currently supported simulators will be totally free. We sincerely hope that you will love using this product and that it will become your favorite environment texture add-on; if it's not we will do everything to make it Here we go! Maxime, on behalf of the complete TOGA team. PS: We will also be glad to welcome you on our community forum at

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