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The ultimate visual enhancement for Prepar3D and Envtex

PTAbsolute is a freeware visual enhancement package for Prepar3D v3 and Prepar3D v4 to be used with PTA (Prepar3D Tweak Assistant) by Simtweaks or as free standalone product, both versions are optimized to recreate the most realistic environment in P3D in combination with Envtex or any other texture package.

Just like with any of our product performance has been kept in mind, that is why PTAbsolute doesn't hit your fps at all. And the best of all: PTAbsolute was optimized to work at its best with Envtex.

The choice is yours

You usually enjoy simple and ready to use addons without tweaking anything? Just go for our Standalone version of PTAbsolute... and it's free !
You prefer PTA customization choices? You would like to adjust our presets by yourself or just want a base preset where to start building your own profile? Download PTAbsolute for PTA !

Download PTAbsolute
Download or buy Prepar3D Tweak Assistant
Download PTA
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