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Envshade is released

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

We are glad to announce Envshade is released !

It is now available from Simmarket at an introducing price of 4,80€ during 2 weeks for everyone.

To use Envshade you will need to have Envdir installed, the process is very easy: if you don't have Envdir installed or if your version is too old, the simmarket installer will simply start the download for you, you just need to run the Envdir installer and you will be good to go. You can also download Envdir from our website beforehand if you want to !

Just like we always did, we would be glad to collect your feedbacks to improve Envshade in the future and may be add a few alternative presets to reach all of your expectations.

As for Envtex, it is not yet ready to be used with Envdir and will be shown as "Not activated". Don't worry, you can still use Envtex from its own user interface, we will release an updated version in the upcoming days to integrate it into Envdir.

We hope you all will enjoy Envshade and wish you tons of great flying hours with our products ;)

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