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Cost Index Database

This cost index database will help you to find the best cost index to use for your virtual flights depending on the airline and aircraft type. This database is currently available as a downloadable PDF but a dynamic database is currently under construction and will soon be fully functional lower on this page.



We highly recommend to use the Airlines and Aircraft dropdown lists in order to get the most accurate cost index, however, if the airlines you are searching for is not listed, you can use a typical cost index for your aircraft using the Aircraft list.

Cost Index
What is the cost index or CI?


During a flight the cost mainly comes from two different things: the hourly crew cost and the fuel cost, both depends on time. The cost index synthesizes both costs in order to minimize the cost of a specific flight by giving priority to the fuel consumption or the flight time. This allows to calculate speeds and optimum altitudes. In a nutshell the higher the CI is, the costlier the flight is.

𝐶𝐼 = Crew cost per time 


Cost per fuel quantity


Usual cost index values are located between 0 and 200 depending on the airline, type of flight, and delay, it can be changed during flight for schedule purposes.

Accuracy of this database


This database is aimed for flight simulation only and for realism purpose, it is based on real world data but indicated values only are approximations. Real world cost indexes regularly change depending on the oil barrel price and this document is based on typical values.


As this document mainly depends on user’s feedbacks and many other sources, some values may be slightly outdated or wrong. Some airlines or aircraft in this document may not exist anymore or may be retired, they are left here as simulation still allows to fly old airlines and retired aircraft.

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