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Auroras borealis and australis are an incredible and magic spectacle offered by mother Nature when the magnetosphere is sufficiently disturbed by the solar wind. Envtex now brings them to your favorite simulator but sometimes it can be hard to spot them, just like in real life.

This page is here to help you finding auroras and live this amazing spectacle from your flight deck.

How to find them in your simulator ?


Please remember these information when you're planning to chase auroras in your simulator:

  • Aurora borealis are mainly visible from November to March.

  • Aurora Australis are mainly visible from May to August.

  • The closer you are to the pole (north or south), the more chances you have to see an aurora.

  • Clear sky is necessary to spot an aurora from the ground.

In order to understand the following map at its best, please read this quick information first:

  • Aurora Airports : these are the places where you have the best chances to spot some auroras with your aicraft from the ground.

  • Random Auroras zone : not only you can spot auroras from some airports, but you can also spot them from tens of thousands places in the middle of nowhere.

Minimum requirements


Envtex auroras are only compatible with Prepar3D v3 and v4. The following settings or higher are required in order to see auroras in Prepar3D:

  • Scenery Complexity: Normal

  • Special effects detail: High

  • Special effects distance: High

  • Volumetric fog: Enabled

It is also highly advise to generate a new flight instead of loading a previously saved flight situations. This prevents Prepar3D not to load special effects incorrectly.

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