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P3D v5.3 Hotfix 1 Compatibility

The v5.3 HF1 compatibility updates are now available through Envupdater and should be available soon as downloadable patches from SimMarket.

As we said in an earlier post, there will be more to be announced before the end of this year, stay tuned !

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4 comentarios

Ryan Chapman
Ryan Chapman
23 dic 2021

I installed this hotfix but then had to uninstall EnvDir and re-install the installer which you provided on your forum as the problem where the two newest versions does not open still has not been fixed.

Me gusta

There is a Hotfix for the Hotfix released :) Is Envshade still compatible or does it need another update? :)

Me gusta
Contestando a

This is hotfix mad LOL, So envshade all updated ready to go?

Me gusta
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