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P3D v5.3 compatibility

Here it is ! The v5.3 compatibility update is now out through Envupdater and should be available soon as downloadable patches from SimMarket. Envsound is compatible out of the box and did not need any update but Envshade and Envtex both received an update for shaders compatibility. These new versions also correct the distorted snow effect of P3D.

While there is no new features for now, there's much more to come, first a few adjustments on shaders for Envshade on P3Dv5 but also a major announcement to be made within a few weeks.

Keep an eye open and enjoy !

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Thank you for always beeing so fast. It´s hard to live without your products.😊


Niels Bos
Niels Bos
Dec 06, 2021

How will the patches for p3dv5.3 be named?

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