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Envshade SP1 released

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

We are delighted to officially announce the release of Envshade SP1 !

Envshade is now much more flexible: it still gives very realistic shaders enhancements out of the box but the users are now completely free to customize several important features of the product like HDR contrast, clouds brightness, clouds shadows opacity, water saturation and much more.

Not only this service pack brings customization to Envshade but it also adds some additional realistic adjustments and new features. The most important of these enhancements is probably the brand new clouds fog blending that only Envshade currently offers: fog will now dynamically brighten or darken according to the flying conditions.

By default in Prepar3D and with the previous version of Envshade, the fog layer kept the same colour whether you were flying inside or above the layer. Envshade now brightens the fog in real time as you get closer to its ceiling and above, this reproduces realistically the reflection the sun on the water particles of the fog layer.

The smoothness of the transitions between night and day and different aspects of the included tweaks have been improved as well.

Now let's talk about updating. As usual with our products, you have 2 choices: you can simply click the "Update" button from Envdir and our Envupdater system will do the job automatically for you.

If you prefer to install our updates manually, you can also download the latest patch from your SimMarket account and download the latest Envdir version from our website.

With this update also comes our brand new forum which is hosted directly on our new website. It is much more convenient for you and us as all of the important information will now be centralised here. This new forum will replace the old one officially and will become the new support forum within the next 2 days. The older forum will be archived and will still be accessible.

We hope you will all enjoy these new features and wish you many happy flights !


Full SP1 changelog:

- Realism out of the box or custom profiles

- Shaders optimizations

- Adjusted default value

- Automatic clouds fog blending added

- New HDR contrast method added

- Automatic atmosphere scattering color added

- Customizable HDR contrast

- Customizable night bloom level

- Customizable night darkness

- Customizable clouds brightness during night and day with smooth transition

- Customizable cloud shadows level

- Customizable terrain saturation

- Customizable water saturation

- Customizable atmosphere scattering level

- Customizable fog impact on vertical visibility

- Customizable clouds fog blending level

- Fixed some minor shaders content errors

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